We have wide range of services & trained guard-force on following fronts

  • Comprehensive Security Services
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Automated Fire Alarm System
  • Security Audit & survey
  • Security of High rise commercial & residential buildings
  • Event Security
  • Janitorial Services
  • Office & property management
  • Security of Highways & Tolls
  • Personal Security (Body guard/PSOs/Bouncers)
  • Consistent & Quality Oriented Services.
  • Specialized cleaning
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of external fencing, gates and boundaries
  • Complete MIS Reporting systems
  • Operations and Management schedules
  • Supply of Material and consumables
  • Supply of Equipment and Machinery
  • IN house Training



Security Guard

JBS Security Resource Private Limited specialises in the provision of General Security and Integrated Services. Over the years we have developed unparalleled ability to combine customer care and risk management. This enables JBS Group to achieve the highest levels of security while maintaining the pleasant, friendly and inviting nature of the organisations we serve.Building upon our unique competence, JBS Group has developed a wide client base serving various Government departments, corporate, industrial establishments, educational institutions, housing societies academic, healthcare, corporate, sports and public sector organisations. The requirements of our clients are constantly evolving and JBS Group is always responsive to their changing needs.Development of innovative systems, integration of technology and introduction of new service solutions have long been an JBS Group’s trademark and enable us to constantly improve the value of our services.

Our security guards are 100% police verified & they go through a very rigorous training session in all walks of security related matter.

We offer excellent guarding services to protect commercial, industrial, residential, governmental and institutional assets. Our guards are selected on merit with complete verification by local police authority. They are capable of handling all the emergency situation in the most efficient manner. Our security personnel are constantly given refresher training to keep them updated on the latest security situation and procedures. The broad range of guarding services we offer includes:

  • Manpower deployment
  • Armed Guard
  • Personal Security Officers/Body Guard and Bouncers
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Access Control
  • Antecedent /Background checkup
  • Surveillance- covert & overt
  • Detective services


Housekeeping is the department that deals essentially with cleanliness and all ancillary service attached to that. JBS is well known organization in providing Housekeeping Services since years. Our professionalism makes us a top level contender in providing Housekeeping Services. JBS’s housekeeping services are unique due to depth of understanding of customers’ individual needs, and the depth of experience upon which we have built best practices and our company.

Most companies spend huge amounts of money on the infrastructure of their offices. At the same time many of them entrust the cleaning and maintenance of the costly interiors to amateurs with the result that within a short span of time the fittings deteriorate and the company has to incur additional expenses on repair and renovation. With the proliferation and availability of a wide variety of interior materials, untrained amateurs either use the wrong material, wrong procedure or improperly clean the items. Also many companies which had undertaken housekeeping work with in-house staff have slowly realized the need to employ professionals and are switching over to professional service organizations for housekeeping. JBS Personnel Vision provides solutions to all your housekeeping service related problems which occurred in Household, Corporate Offices, Government Offices, etc.

JBS is specializes in Office cleaning and commercial cleaning. Our reputation is built around the quality of our Office and commercial cleaning services both in terms of the job we do and the staff we employ. As you will appreciate, for the proper housekeeping services suitable cleaning material should be used. JBS Personnel Vision use reputed quality materials, trained staff which one specifically formulated for the specific job. Our standard approach is to ensure both visual and hygienic cleaning of the premises at all times which is carried out on a composite daily, weekly and monthly cleaning basis.All the chemicals used are Environment Friendly. Therefore, not only the cleaning is ensured but in addition the upkeep and maintenance is also assured. One feels comfortable only in the environment which is clean and well ordered, so cleanliness is important for health foremost also for well being.

JBS Housekeeping Service offers :

  • Daily Cleaning
    • Interior & Floor Cleaning
    • Washroom Cleaning
    • Dust Control
    • Removal of Garbage
    • Vaccum Cleaning
  • Periodical Cleaning
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Maintenance of Floor
    • Window / Glass Cleaning
    • Cobweb Cleaning
    • Cleaning of Wall Cladding
    • Cleaning of Fixture & Fitting
  • Special Cleaning
    • Floor Polishing
    • Carpet / Sofa Shampooing
    • Façade / Glass Cleaning
    • High Pressure Cleaning of Outside Area
    • Steam Cleaning
  • Segment Cleaning
    • Post Construction Cleaning
    • Marble Crystalisation & Grinding Polishing
    • Industrial Cleaning
    • Spring Cleaning


We are providing the Gunman Security Services for the convenience of our clients. We provide the most reliable Gunman Security Services by providing trained and experienced gunman security personnel wherein the gunmen have licensed weapons which are must haves in stringent security environment.

Our Gunman provide the best Gunman Security Services and thus reassure many corporate houses, industries and jewellers showroom with high level of safety completely armed with weapons to protect and guard.

Holding proficiency in the realm of providing feasible and reliable security solutions to our clients, we offer Armed security guards to meet the industrial security requirements. Our well-trained guards are ex-servicemen, personnel from paramilitary forces or well trained young men.

We provide armed gunmen to the clients who possess licensed weapons, which are frequently cleaned, so as to maintain their accuracy. Besides, our gunmen are trained on various grounds due to which they render their duties in an organized and timely manner. Owing to this, our services are widely demanded in banks, corporate sectors and industries.

Our facility is equipped with varied training facilities and advanced technologies that helps us in meeting the increasing demands of the clients with the best skilled workforce in affordable prices. Our smart, responsive and active guards are able to handle the security activities of the following areas:

  • Building Security/Malls Security
  • Educational Institutions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals. Hotels
  • Stores & other Installations